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Unique and exclusif in St Barth, SEABOB ST BARTH  offers you guided underwater scooter tours under the animated guidance of a certified diving instructor.   


The SEABOB SNORKELING TOUR is a private tour beyond the bay areas, contrary to a SEABOB BEACH RENTAL.

This activity is the most requested family water excursion in St Barth! 

Starting from the beach, you will discover the sea-life along the coastline while gliding on the surface, snorkeling and free diving in shallow waters.

All this in a relaxed atmosphere ...

All tours are adapted to the level of the participants.


Rate : 

175€ / participant for 1h tour

 . equipment provided

 . 2 participants minimum / 6 participants maximum

 . this excursion takes place only in the morning, one per day upon reservation

 . meeting at 10:30am

 . bring your GoPro


From the age of 12 yo - according to the tours (all levels)

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