Are you a surfer at heart, the Electric Jetboard is for you! Freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, without waves ...

We offer you the best in Electric Jetboards.

Experience the most powerful electric double turbine Jetboard : the CARVER X (the best electric long board for heavy riders - maximum weight 100kg / 220lbs).

Or just ride the first-ever fully electric JETSURF board in search of more extreme sensations ...

CARVER X rate (from 16 yo):

40mins / 200 € / board

JETSURF rates (from 12 yo): 

20mins / 100 € / board

40mins / 200 € / board

Beach rental includes a briefing and supervision by a certified instructor (lifejacket provided) from Gypsea Beach, the new beach club in St Jean

(upon request only and providing sea conditions).

Parental permission needed.

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