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Our SEABOB BEACH RENTAL are always proposed from the beach and offer different rental durations adapted to your group's needs (subject to sea conditions and our availability).

Rates :

20 mins / 60€ / Seabob

40 mins / 120€ / Seabob

60 mins / 180€ / Seabob

Take the following points in consideration:

- a SEABOB BEACH RENTAL start from our WaterSport Center located at GypSea Beach, the new beach club in St Jean (right next to Nikki Beach)

- a SEABOB BEACH RENTAL always takes place within the bay of  St Jean where you swim with sea turtles.


- a 10 mins briefing is previously given on shore by a certified diving instructor 

- this is a Seabob activity supervised from the shore but not guided


- the participants must know how to swim - from 10 yo / all levels (parental consent needed for minors)


- masks are provided 


- to send a reservation request for a SEABOB BEACH RENTAL, click on the BOOKING button here below and fill out the form

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